The Campaign for Student Body President

     The office of Student Body President is an important one, facilitating communication between students and faculty, while being a driving force for change and improvement for the school. This coming week, March 4th, is Election Day for Providence and the race for the office is being run between Juniors Caleb Hicks and Reuben Sheneni.

     An important question for the candidates is tied to the intent behind their campaign for Student Body President, and the reasons as to why they are campaigning. Caleb expresses a strong desire for college at Providence to be the best years of its student’s lives, a time that students can reflect upon with pleasant memories. He also sees himself as someone who understands the student body and desires to bring joy to the campus going forward into next year. On the other hand, Reuben proclaims a wish to give back to the school, as it has given him the leadership training that he believes will assist him in the position of Student Body President. He wishes to be a servant that is able to deliver aid to both the student body and the administration of the school.

     A relevant query that follows concerns the qualifications of the candidates. Aforementioned is Reuben’s leadership training that he has received from Providence, as he has been involved in the student leadership of the school through his previous involvement with student senate, and he also champions his work as a Resident Assistant, which has provided him with leadership training camps, since his freshman year at Providence.

     Caleb has also spent time in student senate, working closely under current president Madison DeJager, learning the responsibilities of the position under someone who has done an outstanding job leading the student body over the last year. Caleb is also proud of his time that he has spent as a student athlete on the soccer team, stating that his time as an athlete will not only help him in his bridging of the gap between students and faculty, but between student athletes and traditional students as well.

In regards to the schism that occasionally rises between traditional students and student athletes. Reuben, when asked what he would like to change about the college, referred to this issue. He believes that school unity is a necessity, and the institution needs to be less divided and stand together as proud Sea Beggars. Caleb, when asked the same question, stated that he hopes to improve the communication between students and the faculty, as he believes there have been failings in this arena and betterment in the field would improve student life for all of Providence’s attendees.



By Evan Friesen