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Top 5 Things To Do Within Walking Distance of Campus

     Just when you thought you could have your car on campus, Providence hits you with a $200 permit fee. From the misfortune of those who experienced this, here’s a list of carless hot stops near campus.

  1. Target—I would bet my meal card that this is the most visited place on this list. I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been here and not miraculously run into another Providence student. Stocked with your essentials—from groceries to household needs—Target never disappoints. It may not be as affordable as the 99 Cents Only store (see below), but, overpriced goods aside, it’s a fun place and that is enough to attract even the most frugal of Providence students. In fact, I’ve heard of several students on campus allegedly entering the premises without purchasing anything. They simply played video games on the systems on the second floor.

    Oh yeah, and there’s a Starbucks if Ambrose is too basic for you.
  2. The Paseo—An outdoor shopping center with several clothing stores and restaurants. It won’t be your typical go-to for shopping due to the sparse selection, but there are a few great restaurants such as the Yard House or Tokyo Wako, in addition to an overpriced movie theater (see below). Though options can be relatively scarce, a lot of construction is being done so you can hope for some great additions coming soon! One of the best parts about visiting the Paseo: You can rub it in people’s faces that they had to pay 5 million dollars to find parking and you didn’t have to pay a cent walking.
    Fun Fact: “Paseo” in Spanish means “walk!”
  3. 99 Cents Only store—You already knew this was going to be on here. If you don’t mind a slightly sketchy grocery store in a slightly sketchier neighborhood, then this is the place for the broke college student. They got all the bare necessities: Toothpaste, toilet paper, candy—you name it, they got it. The great price, however, is reflected in the poor quality. But Sea Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

    Go in daylight and remember: strength in numbers.
  4. Pasadena Central Library—I can’t begin to describe how great this place is for Providence students. It is a stellar study space, open 7 days a week with reasonable hours and a scholarly ambiance. If you procure a library card there, you also gain access to dozens of computers for public use and thousands of books, journals, and articles at your disposal. Highly recommended if you need a change of scenery from your usual study spots.

    Open weekends unlike some libraries. *cough cough*
  5. Regency Academy Cinemas AKA the 3 dollar theater—Anything that costs three dollars screams broke college student. For a mere 15 minute walk and the price of a cup of coffee, you can watch the latest 3-month old movies. Right now, I believe they’re showing Frozen 2 and Joker, so if you missed the hype, now is your chance.

    WARNING: After the writing of this article, the Regency Academy Cinemas has
    raised the price per ticket to $3.50. This information has now become void. DO NOT go to this overpriced shadow of a theater.

     So there you have it: the Top Five Things To Do Within Walking Distance of Campus. Throw out your car keys, because it’s time to throw on your Adidas sweats and your Nike running shoes and get walking!

By Keanan Gonzales

Best Plays and Shows Coming To Our Area

Music and the media have become one of the biggest points of interest in our modern society. We are constantly swamped by listening to the newest song on the radio or, even beyond the realm of music, watching the newest blockbuster, or, for those into theater, the best musical or plays. Over the course of the semester, there are hundreds of shows—concerts, musicals, etc.—that you could have the possibility of going to. We have complied some of the noteworthy ones that will come through the LA area. For each listing, there is the name of the play or performing artist, the date of the event, where the event is held, and a link where you can find tickets. They will be in order of date of occurrence.

Now-March 1: The Father at the PASADENA PLAYHOUSE

Tickets are $25 and up

Now-March 8: Escape to Margaritaville at the DOLBY THEATER

Tickets are $34 and up

March 4: Kiss at the STAPLES CENTER

Tickets are $67 and up

March 5: Echosmith at THE FONDA THEATER

Tickets are $25 and up

March 10: Noah Cyrus at the ROXY THEATER

Tickets are $67 and up