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Dear Kobe

     Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the people and the City of Los Angeles. Although, it wasn’t just a city you inspired to be like you, it was the world. You inspired us to work harder at whatever we were passionate about. You have inspired countless generations to imply your “Mamba Mentality”–to strive for self-improvement and mastery. Your hard work and dedication transcends the game of Basketball and has inspired all generations ensuring your name will always be remembered. Your raw natural tenacity as a competitor is what prompted them to compare you to Michael Jordan. Your tenacity had you selling out everything and putting your body on the line; anything to will yourself to a victory. This attitude of the “will to win” and inability to quit is what inspired your teammates, your opponents, and the world around you. I still remember your incredible feats when I was younger. As soon as I saw you play, I knew you were my favorite player, just as you were to many others.

     When I was younger, I remember my friends and I would always say “Kobe” when we would shoot anything. It was almost as if it was something you had to say as if it was instinctive. Ever since you became a Laker, my family instantly became Laker fans. My whole family would watch you in the finals as you scored forty plus points on multiple occasions. I still remember how you beat the Celtics in the NBA finals even with all odds stacked against you– due to your never ending resolve to get the job done. You always were able to keep us on our feet with your last second buzzer beaters. You had an amazing career and due to your commitment and pride we fell in love with you. It almost felt unreal when the news of your death was revealed. It sounded impossible for THE Kobe Bryant to have died. As soon as I told the news to my family we all had tears streaming from our faces. It was as if one of our own family members had died in an accident. It was heartbreaking to say the least, a man who you think is invincible and has captivated all of our hearts to be gone. It’s uneasy to think that a man like this would be gone so young.

     Even with all of this tragedy there are still a lot of good things to remember about the man who was loved by the city of Los Angeles and the world. Kobe Bryant had an incredible career: being a five time NBA champion and going to seven NBA finals. Also, two NBA finals MVP’s with back-to-back honors in 2009 and 2010. You managed to not only be a talented player on the court, but a talented individual as you ventured into other things besides Basketball. Not only did you have great success on the court, but also off the court with your documentary “Dear Basketball” having won an Academy award. Proving that you weren’t just a Basketball Icon, but an Icon in your own right. We all know from the “Girl Dad ” mantra you also took on that you were the definition of a great father and husband. This wasn’t just due to the way the press portrayed you, but that was something you proved over time after you met Vanessa your wife. You have left an everlasting legacy behind in your daughters, your wife, and the people around you. You have shown us all how strong the mind can be by being the man you were. Thank you, Kobe Bean Bryant.


Love always,



By Noah Leslie